Lea Baudner

Qualities that get Pitchdrive excited in your Startup

One might think that Pitchdrive is only interested in the best startups with the perfect founding team and the perfect business model. An outstanding cap table is obviously the cherry on top. However, Pitchdrive is not looking for the perfect business. 

What are the steps from applying to receiving funding?

The process of actually getting investment into early-stage startups is often surprisingly long and painful to people who haven’t gone and done it yet. Especially for startups, it is extremely challenging to raise funds: One in four businesses, surveyed by the NSBA, were not able to receive the funding they required, which led to limiting the growth of their business (Schmid, 2020).

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Co-Founder?

While starting a business you might not only think about funding or product development but possibly also about getting a co-founder into the team. Finding a co-founder can be daunting but investing time and energy in this task will definitely benefit you and your business. 

    Get Your Startup Funded In Record Time

    Do you have a good idea, a team with hard-driven colleagues and made a start with your product or innovative service? The only thing missing right now is a startup funding?
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