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Does your idea have what it takes to be a start-up success?

Where do great start-up ideas come from? And how do you know if your idea is worth investing the years of hard work it will take to make it a success?

How much to pay yourself as a startup founder?


At what Stage can my Startup receive Funding?

If you’ve got a pitch deck and a great idea, there’s nothing to stop you reaching out to investors for the capital boost that will get your start-up to the next stage. 

FixForm: Using People Power to Make Buildings Safer and Cleaner.

FixForm is on a mission to make building maintenance simple for both facilities teams and building users. Their user-friendly platform uses QR codes and smart technology to make reporting, managing and resolving problems easier than ever.

Why your start-up needs a founders' agreement

Everything feels possible when you’re starting up a new business. You have a great idea, trusted co-founders, and everyone is cheering you on. Slowing down to make sure all the legal documents are signed and sorted can feel like an unwelcome delay, but it’s a vital part of making sure you, your co-founders and your business are protected for the future.  

Do you need a tech lead in your start-up team?

Having a long-running technical position in your start-up might sound like something that’s only necessary for more established companies. Why hire a member of staff when you can outsource software development? In reality, there’s much more to start-up tech roles than just coding. The right person will provide a range of essential skills that will grow and evolve alongside your company. 

OTIV: Using self-drive technology to create the cities of the future.

OTIV is a dynamic new addition to the Pitchdrive community. This smart start-up is looking to revolutionise on-rail transport in complex environments like cities and busy industrial areas by using autonomous technology to improve safety and efficiency. 

How Pitchdrive Is Using AI To Level Up Startups Seeking Investment


At Pitchdrive, we know there are great founders everywhere. Some of the hardest working teams with the best ideas can be found outside traditional start-up hubs like London, New York and San Francisco.  

Influo: Pitchdrive's Startup That Is Doing Things Differently

Influencer marketing platform Influo has grown rapidly since its commercial launch in 2017. Co-founders Jan Kindt and Maarten Kesteloot have developed a unique offering that blends technology and service to provide everything brands and influencers need to connect and work together more efficiently.  

    Get Your Startup Funded In Record Time

    Do you have a good idea, a team with hard-driven colleagues and made a start with your product or innovative service? The only thing missing right now is a startup funding?
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