COVID-19: A Colossal Opportunity For Your Start-Up

It may seem reckless to think about starting up a new business during a global health and financial crisis that just won't quit.

Yet, forming a start-up during this economic downturn can actually work to your advantage in many ways.

We even launched something 'new' ourselves while most of the world was on shutdown during the summer of 2020: Pitchdrive Fund 1. The size of the Fund is €3m.

Together, with top angel investors from all over the globe, we boost early-stage start-up investments faster than anyone else: in less than two months. We'll help your start-up grow by qualifying, funding, and mentoring. There are opportunities in times of crisis, and our investors are still opening up money and nurturing.






With redundancies happening left, right and centre, many people have turned the coronavirus pandemic into a new beginning. They've filled gaps in the new and unforeseen problems that needed solving. In 2020, those problems have been keeping everyone hygienic, working from home, and entertained from home.

With not much else to look at other than the confines of our four walls during lockdown, home and garden improvement has seen a massive upturn. With hairdressers and beauty salons closed, people are doing more and more themselves like never before.

They've spotted trends in how customers are buying in different ways, consuming information in different ways, and how organisations are working in different ways. There's been a splurge in digital learning, gaming, health, wellness, and fitness.

Managed office spaces and remote working are the future. And now, people can finally get that puppy they had dreamed of, as not being at home to look after it is no longer an obstacle. Dog sales and pet products are booming.

COVID-19 can provide you with the opportunity for your start-up to emerge and capitalise on the changes the pandemic has caused, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

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Written by Joe Emery

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