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Since the coronavirus took hold around the globe, some things have taken on even greater importance. One of those is our mental health.

Pillar is one of Pitchdrive's funded startups. Their mission: to create a world where mental illness is no longer a taboo subject in the workplace. 

Why is it that we're open with our colleagues about a common cold, headache or a strained muscle from the gym, but not about depression, anxiety and increased stress? That's precisely what Pillar aims to change. 

Pillar's story began early in the first lockdown period of 2020. It soon became clear that the pressure on frontline care workers was increasing at an alarming rate. 

Pillar heard calls for help from the sector where wellbeing comes first to protect our care heroes of today and tomorrow. And so Pillar was born — in record-breaking time.

After an overwhelming number of positive reactions from key health workers, Pillar focused on making its digital platform available to as many workforces around the world as possible.

More and more organisations are choosing Pillar to empower their most valuable assets — their employees — to take control of their mental health.

The statistics around suicide are shocking.

Globally, 15,000 people kill themselves every week — with Europe being the most suicidal region in the world. That's one every 40 seconds.

Since you started reading this article, likely, we've already tragically lost one person to suicide — with another to follow very soon.

With a global health and economic crisis that just won't quit, these figures have taken a sharp rise since COVID-19 first plunged the nation into lockdown.

Pillar's help is there when you need it most — straight from your pocket and at the click of a button or touchpad. Everything starts with the basic test, which shows you how your mental wellbeing stands right now. 

From there, Pillar will take you on a journey with a personalised approach at its core to improve your mental resilience. Pillar creates a safe place, where you can go with your thoughts and feelings at any time. 

Everyone can access self-help exercises, psychoeducation, and personalised coaching sessions on demand. Personal moods are monitored. The chat function is supported by a team of experts, is 100% anonymous, and available 24/7.


Need an extra push? No problem. Pillar will put you in touch with a therapist or a mental health coach. 

Like all successful campaigns, the results are measured. Employees can see how well they're doing, and organisations can discover how well their staff are doing through surveys and engagement. Using data from surveys, Pillar delivers not only insight but also actionable HR recommendations.

For every 50 employees, an average of nine will be struggling with some form of mental illness — losing a business 216 days a year due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety.

This will cost €73,000 per year from absences, low productivity, and staff turnover. 

It's estimated that over £18 trillion will be the global cost employers face collectively, from now to 2030, unless they tackle their employees growing mental health problems immediately.

Mental illness can hit any one of us at any given time. Most of us are only a relationship breakup, bereavement, illness, accident, or global pandemic and recession away from the tables turning.

Anthony Bourdain, Gary Speed, Robin Williams, Kate Spade, Chris Cornell and Alexander McQueen people who seemed to have it all, and bank balances and lifestyles that the majority of the world would like. But mental illness doesn't care who it picks on.

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Written by Joe Emery

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