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How Smooved Made History: Fastest Ever Filled Funding Round


History is made: Smooved has finished the funding round in only 1 hour, becoming the fastest-ever funded startup on Pitchdrive. Smoove!

Unprecedented Milestone Achievement

Pitchdrive strives to drive innovative startups forward quickly by closing the gap between angels and early-stage companies, offering objectively validated funding opportunities to experienced investors. We help early-stage startups by getting them funded by connecting them with industry expert angel investors.

Raising money is the second hardest part of starting a startup. The hardest part is making something people want: most startups die because they didn't do that.

Recently, a startup enrolled in Pitchdrive Funding program, SMOOVED successfully finished its funding round within the shortest possible time. They got fully funded and laid a record being the first-ever startup on Pitchdrive to be funded in just 1 hour! This is so unprecedented and amazing.

This is also an unforgettable history for Smooved as this is the first-ever overdrive round that smashed their original funding target, initially been 100k, but, through our fundraising help, they decided to reopen and increased their round up to 150k to keep on their momentum.

Smooved offers a free, online, one-stop-shop to optimize all moving administration in one go. Smooved offers smart comparison modules for energy, telecom, insurance, moving vans, etc. An essential part of their product is focused on real estate brokers: through a co-branded interface, brokers can boost customer satisfaction, extend their reach in months after the transaction, and generates an additional revenue stream.

Smooved unburdens the mover for free and gets commissions on each contract it sells, optimizes, or transfers. Their go-to-market focuses on real estate brokers, which makes smooved into a scalable, recurring, and future – proof business model. Brokers get a commission for every contract they close in their co-branded interface or every converted lead. They also take hassles out of moving homes so one can settle in.

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Written by Kosma Hess

Digital Marketing Manager at Pitchdrive.

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