The Pitchdrive Philosophy


Pitchdrive is your ultimate source to get qualified funding in the fastest way possible. Scale your early-stage startup faster!

The ‘Why’

Like many startups, Pitchdrive was born out of personal frustration. After being involved on both sides of the table while raising rounds the old fashioned way, our team was drawn together and united through a common goal:

There must be a simpler, faster and fairer way to do early stage startup fundraising.

The process of actually getting investment into early stage startups is often surprisingly long and painful to people who haven’t gone and done it yet. I’ve often said raising investment is 50% legal, 50% maths and 50% psychology, so in the midst of this complex dance it’s refreshing to take a step back and remind ourselves of the simple equation at the core of it all:

  1. There are exciting startups being built by smart people with an action-first mindset which could rapidly accelerate through funding


Raising a funding round the old fashioned way takes way longer than it should do. From planning your round and designing pitch assets to investor sourcing, cold outreach, pitching, negotiating… re-pitching, re-negotiating, syndicate forming, hopefully not having to re-pitch and re-negotiate again, signing, notarising, money transfers… it’s not uncommon for founders to spend 9+ months dragging a deal over the line.

Standardised Founder Friendly Terms as Default

Trust on both sides is how we achieve this speed. When it comes to early stage fundraising, deals should not need to be formulated from scratch — it does not need to be this complicated.

Meaningful Startup Evaluation

Whether we end up putting a startup live for funding or not, we designed our startup onboarding and evaluation process to be valuable to both sides.

Written by Thomas Wilkinson

Building Pitchdrive. 50% Hacker, 50% Hustler.

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